W O O D S H O P is a collaborative art project that explores craft and social values. Motivated by the materials, skills, and practices of Killeagh’s former sawmills, Irish artist Léann Herlihy will lead craftsmanship workshops and create a performance.

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Location: Greywood Arts, Main St. Killeagh.

Thursday 26th October 2017, 7PM

Held in the relaxed environment of the Greywood Arts library, Léann Herlihy will lead a conversation around her artist practice. Here, she will give us an insight into her thought process, as she discusses her concepts and motives while creating work – a fantastic opportunity!

The evening will close with a screening of one of David Shaw-Smith’s unique documentaries, HANDS. Shaw-Smith’s captures traditional rural and urban life in Ireland during the seventies and eighties, imbued by a sense of urgency to record crafts in their natural surroundings before they disappeared completely.

Saturday, 28th October 2017, 2 – 5PM
Monday, 30th October 2017, 10AM – 1PM

W O O D S H O P will consist of two separate workshops, held in the spacious art studio at Greywood Arts. The workshops will give the basic outlines of how to construct a rocking chair, but encourage creativity and spontaneous thinking. The assemblage of chairs will be safe and supervised, with the main joining method being similar to a jig-saw puzzle, with each puzzle piece having endless possibilities to create new and abstract forms of rocking chairs. Safety equipment will be provided, with each individual kitted out as a professional carpenter! This collection of rocking chairs will be exhibited at the Creative Killeagh Programme Launch, with each individual’s signature on their artwork as a memoir to their creativity.

It is not necessary to attend both workshops, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, tea and cakes if you can make both! We welcome families and individuals of all ages (1-100 years!). Construction will be child-friendly, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesday, 31st October 2017

Launch 8PM
Performance 9PM

To end the artist-in-residence programme, Léann Herlihy will realise a performance on Halloween night, in conjunction with the programme launch of Creative Killeagh. Herlihy’s performance will explore the ritual of rocking, incorporating the rocking chairs made during the workshops prior to the performance. This will be an interactive performance, where the artist will encourage audience participation.

Join us after trick-or-treating for traditional Halloween festivities, with campfires and treats! This will be a fun and intriguing evening for the entire family as we kick off a series of community arts events which will culminate on May Sunday, 2018.


Léann Herlihy is a performance artist based in Ireland. Her practice attends to the intersection of invisible power structures; addressing the position of the female body as a focal point of repressed histories and political desires. Herlihy’s performances are raw, as she pares back her gestures to pure bodily instinct and improvisation. The use of endurance in Herlihy’s practice highlights the exaggerated protraction of time, all of which becomes enhanced by the symbiotic relationship with the audience; where the very act of their continued observation, in itself becomes a ritualised behaviour.


May Sunday

Glenbower Wood is situated on what used to be the estate of the De Cappell Brooke family. In the 1830s, De Cappell Brooke began making improvements to his home as well as the land surrounding. After the improvements had been completed, De Cappell Brooke invited the entirety of the community to celebrate. This became a yearly event known as May Sunday. It was the only day of the year on which the Wood was open to the public. In the 1920s, the festival became very popular, spilling out of the Wood and onto the main street. It was a colorful event which featured music, dancing, food, and many other activities.

The date also, perhaps not so coincidentally, coincides with ancient Druid “Fertility Rite” that would have been celebrated on the same date with hopes for a fruitful year and the Feast of Our Lady.

Unfortunately, the last May Sunday celebration was in 2001. With your help, we hope to bring it back!

Help Shape Creative Killeagh

Invitation:  Help shape the Creative Killeagh Program
Monday 9th October, 7pm at Greywood Arts

We invite representatives of community groups, local business owners, and interested individuals to meet the lead artists of Creative Killeagh.

Join us for a cup of tea and conversation. Let us know about your group, what you’d like to see happen in Killeagh, how you’d like to get involved, or simply share your memories of May Sundays past.

RSVP: contact Jessica 083 845 1750 or creativekilleagh@gmail.com