Jessica Bonenfant Coogan is the director of Greywood Arts, which provides workspace and accommodation for visiting artists. She comes to Killeagh after more than a decade in NYC, where she directed Lola Lola Dance theatre. She has a Master of Fine Arts in choreography from University of Michigan and has experience teaching at the university and professional levels.

Lisa Cahill is originally from Co. Limerick but now resides in Cork City. A former primary teacher, she pursued her passion for dance. Lisa has developed a large portfolio of collaborative work in a broad range of professional, educational and community contexts. In 2010, Lisa completed an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the World Irish Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. From 2014 to 2016 she was Dance Artist in Residence at the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education at Maynooth University. This residency was funded by the Arts Council. Lisa’s own work has been shown nationally, most recently as part of the Limerick Dance Collective, ‘Making Space: Changing Ground’.

Carol Anne Connolly‘s work examines the development of current cultural, civic and social ideas relating to place. She employs a variety of mediums, strategies and techniques to produce work that reimagines or represents ideas pertaining to contemporary landscapes and environments. Her approach to making work develops into interdisciplinary, socially engaged and collaborative projects and has involved working with diverse communities and individuals including ghost estate residents, physicists, NGOs, farmers, poets, copyright law academics and music producers.

Kara Sweeney, an East Cork native, is an honours graduate of media production who also qualified in visual media communications. She works as a freelance producer of film, video and photography. She has extensive experience in short film, documentary, music videos and commercial projects. Kara also teaches filmmaking and photography workshops, as well as co-ordinating and supervising short film productions through a Cork based branch of Youth Work Ireland.

Léann Herlihy is a performance artist based in Ireland. Her practice attends to the intersection of invisible power structures; addressing the position of the female body as a focal point of repressed histories and political desires. Herlihy’s performances are raw, as she pares back her gestures to pure bodily instinct and improvisation. The use of endurance in Herlihy’s practice highlights the exaggerated protraction of time, all of which becomes enhanced by the symbiotic relationship with the audience; where the very act of their continued observation, in itself becomes a ritualised behaviour.

Sara French is a conceptual artist who employs sculpture, performance, drawing and writing to conjure subversive projects for the everyday. Her work explores forms of social engagement, entrepreneurialism and process-based performance. Through the utilisation of public resources she attempts to create unanticipated chronicles of intuitive knowledge, new forms with sustainable mediums, and otherworldly experiences. Her process has intervened in fields of archeology, cognitive science, and economics, to create public works p, personal archives and collaborative abstract prototypes. The radical deeds she forges attempt to dissect the equivocal and precarious nature of our contemporary climate.