Irish performance artist Léann Herlihy was invited to partake in an artist-in-the-community residency in October 2017 as part of the Creative Killeagh Project

In the W O O D S H O P workshop, Léann invited locals to use their creativity to reimagine the idea of a rocking chair. Participants gained hands on experience in constructing rocking-furniture from repurposed materials.

Léann also led a talk, accompanied by Patsy Irwin, a Killeagh native, who worked at the Greywood Arts building when it was J.H. HOGAN & SONS. He shared his memories of the sawmill’s operations, and its cast of characters. Léann discussed how unusual it was for a business to be left to the family’s daughter, Priscilla, sharing Ireland’s historical context during the first half of the 20th century.

An excerpt from Patsy’s talk can be heard along with some scenes from Léann’s workshop, where locals created their very own rocking chairs. The chairs were on display on Halloween, as the Creative Killeagh project kicked off with a gripping performance by Léann.

Video Recording & Edit: Kara Sweeney – Twenty4Films
Sound Recording: Éanna Dowling

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