I was reading about an exhibition in the UK where people in a particular community were asked to pick something that represented their relationship to nature. Some picked natural objects, other plastics or rubbish that don’t belong, and others yet selected items with more esoteric connections to their item. Not only did this create a fascinating collection of artefacts, but originated a beautiful collection of stories where participants explained why they chose their item.

So I thought, why not here? And why not our village / home / site / place – this place here and now? 

For me, my greatest connection is Greywood. The house is why I ended up here. It’s a physical representation of my dreams, and a structure beneath which people can create and community can interact. What better place to hold this exhibition?

It’s not an easy question. Especially if you take it seriously – really think it through. But the answer might be poignant or humorous, beautiful or astounding. We want to know – what thing could symbolise a relationship – specifically a relationship to HERE RIGHT NOW? 

And once you’ve thought it over, bring that “thing” or “item” or “object” or “artefact” over to Greywood Arts. Help us create a visual representation of emotional threads. Tell us your story. We promise we’ll keep it safe – whatever it is. And on the May Sunday/Bank Holiday Weekend, we’ll put your object on display – alongside your story. 


Drop off times:
Saturday April 7th 2-4pm
Tuesday April 10th 7-9pm
Can’t make those? No problem – just email creativekilleagh@gmail.com or ring 083 845 1750

When you visit Greywood Arts, we’ll do a short interview about why you selected this artefact, and take your photo with it. You leave your object with us (or if you’re not comfortable with that, you can bring it back for the exhibition). We promise we’ll take great care of anything left in our possession. We will then write up you story and display it alongside your object. You can be credited, or remain anonymous.

Exhibition Opening – Friday May 4th.
This will be followed by a lantern making workshop and torchlight procession up to Glenbower Wood at dusk. A beautiful way to kick of the festival.

The exhibition will be open Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th.

Participation is open to anyone old enough to answer “why did you pick this?” We hope to get a great range of ages involved!

neck of the woods 2



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